We know that most of you are delighted by the jam of roses. Fewer, however, know that it can be made of any type of rose petals, provided that the variety has the  strong enough specific flavor.

Of course, the favorite varieties are Rosa Damascena, Rose de Resht or Sachsengruss, but there are other varieties that are a very good source of petals for jam. The most suitable varieties are those with beaten flower, which provide a large amount of petals and have a very strong flavor. Of course, the flavor is also conditioned by the moment and condition when the roses where picked, but this is already another story.

As you have seen, our back yard is full (apart from the bush of Damascena, Resht, Sachsengruss) of such a variety of rose. What kind is ... we do not know, it was bought a few years ago. In addition, in that lot, all roses (about 100 yarns) were supposed to be beaten and climbing. Yes, exactly, supposedly! No comment ... I still searched the internet for curiosity, and I find out that the closest rose would be Soul.

The purpose of culinary adventure is to make a difference between the jam made from Rose de Resht (and the like), and these roses (the advantage of which is the enormous quantity of flowers they give). So far we've used glycerin maceration (experimentally, with exceptional results), so let's see what we can make out of them in the kitchen.

I picked up about 900 grams of petals:

This is a harvest in about 3 days (sometimes obtained only during one day, as rapid as they grow). A few mint yarns have also been collected (not too much, because it is extremely strong), in order to ... spice a little the jam besides the vanilla stick, which it can not miss.

The scales agree with us:

It's just over 900 grams, because I've already added lemon juice.
Of course, you noticed that the roots of the petals, the white area from the inflorescence insertion, were not cut. There are two reasons:
1. I did not find that it would make the jam bitter
2. We did not have a day to take a flower by flower, and to choose the petals
3. Get 10% more jam, joking more or less

Be careful not to jump over the intermediate stage, not mentioned here, to rinse the petals. Not for other reason, but if the petals are picked up early in the morning, vegetarians may have some snails or other creatures in their jam. Plus dust, of course.

Also, do not neglect the rubbing of petals with lemon juice. If they are not rubbed with lemon juice, the petals stay hard in jam, just like paper. Sure, you'll be able to chew them in the end, for a failed jam of roses is still a jam of roses, but ...

It is the time for inverting the sugar (binding of syrup). I used the Muscovado brown sugar from Passiflora (it is found in a number of stores). We count it as the best quality brown sugar. We usually use molasses, but for jam, it would give a specific taste (pleasant, but we would not necessarily want it).


The recipe (indicative) is like this:

- 300 g petals of roses

- 600-700 g of sugar

- 300 ml of water

- lemons, lemons, and lemons again.

- a little mint, preferably green

- a little vanilla (stick, not vanilla sugar)

At our quantity, we get about 3kg of jam, with what evaporates during boiling.

So, 1.8 kg of brown sugar was boiled with about 1 liter of water. Juice was added to boil from about 4 medium lemons. Can be put as much as you like. Their role is very important, do not neglect it. By boiling in the acid medium, sucrose is largely transformed into glucose and fructose. This makes the syrup no longer crystallize, and the jam is healthier.
You can take the foam but, careful, the thick one, if it appears. Since one of the packages was Demerara sugar (the store was out of
Muscovado sugar), naturally it had a little foam. We take it at the end.

If you had used white sugar, you would have had more foam because of the flour of bones with which the sugar is whitened.
The syrup will boil until it binds, checked with the drop on the plate (not to stretch), but the most important thing is that it is inverted. For 1-2 kg of sugar, the duration is 10-20 minutes, rather 20 minutes.

The bubbles in the picture are not foam to be taken, we just forgot to take that photo.

Further, add, gradually incorporating the petals (not all at once):

If we do not let ourselves be fooled, everything will have place in the 5-liter pot:

Do not forget the vanilla stick.

Boil by gradually testing how well the jam has tied. If you want it like a syrup, it's ready in 5 minutes. Yeah, we know, you do not want it like a syrup. Stir it from time to time, because the petals will tend to sit on top.

It's done:

Oh yes, I did not separate the lemon kernels. They have a nice taste. For those who like them ...

Because the jam will be consumed ... very quickly (no, it does not last until winter, what an idea ...!), we did not put it hot in the jars (etc, to stay pasteurized). If you want to do this, it is good to spray the lids with a little alcohol, clean the jars, possibly spraying them with alcohol, you know the story. We will only put them in the refrigerator. I estimate that in two weeks there is no trace of the 3 kg of jam. We are a big family ...

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