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The existence of this product is possible due to Ultra Colloidal Silver. Its very special structure, as well as the high concentration, made it possible to mix it with colloidal copper, while maintaining a high active concentration of both elements.

In this mixture, colloidal gold has only a catalytic role, especially from an informational point of view, its concentration being relatively low: 1-3ppm. However, this concentration is real, and is higher than other colloidal gold products, which have concentration specifications of the order of dozens of ppm (and which are forged by it).

Orientation, the concentrations of the three elements are silver / copper / gold = 40/8 / 2ppm. The ratio may vary within limits, due to certain tolerances in the dosage of the constituents, but also in terms of their absolute concentrations.

Given the structure of the product, it is obvious that anti-infectious (antibacterial, antiviral) activity is the most important feature of the product. However, the properties of the product are not limited to antiinfectious activity, but are given by the synergistic combination of the three elements.