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We know you're waiting for it: Colloidal Silver 80ppm, AquaNano Ultra. Unlike some of our other products (Protect or Forte), this range of colloidal silver is almost colorless, and almost tasteless (well, not really tasteless ...). AquaNano Ultra marks the beginning of a series of changes in technological processes, especially because some of you were slightly dissatisfied with our products, namely the well-known bluish gray color, and the slightly bitter taste. Although the two characteristics do not diminish the qualities of colloidal silver, which is as good in the body and when it is gray, yellow or possibly colorless, buyers have been accustomed to the idea that colorless colloidal silver is the best. Far from the truth, in fact, almost all sorts of colloidal or ionic silver are ultimately just as good when they get into the body, but as you can see, we have taken into account your wishes. Moreover, starting with the last quarter of this year, we will modify the process formulations of Forte and Protect colloidal silver so that they have a much-desired colorlessness. They will, however, be just as effective.