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AquaNano EpiGenic-PRO, oily extract with epigenetic remodeling effect, 100ml

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Details regarding epigenetic, nutrigenomic, remodeling and epigenetic therapies, you can read on, because their complexity does not allow summarizing them in the description of a product.

However, we must mention that the investigations from the last decades have revealed many of the mechanisms of action by wich our genetic code can be influenced (without modifications), this science is called epigenetics (beyond genetics, a rough translation).

In this way, it was found that the main problem for most diseases (not referring to the infectious) is a failure in genetic replication. Thus, in the case of a lighter damage or a more severe one (such as cancer), this genetic replication mechanism being deteriorated in a number of key points, either is no longer possible to repair the genetic code, or these repairments are imperfect, resulting in the blocking of necessary chains for a normal functioning (such as the production of oncosupressor genes or of apoptosis - programmed cell death, in case of "emergency").

These epigenetic changes have various causes, such as toxins (including many substances used today in food), infections, intense electromagnetic radiation, psychological and emotional factors (stress, frustration, etc.).

Thus, cancer may have multiple causes (we not agree with pseudoscientific theories about some parasite, some toxin etc. as the single cause of this disease) and they may even suffer transformations from one person to another, depending on the environment, and so on.


Concerning the present product, we can say that it is a rediscovered remedy in an entirely new formula.

Its role is of epigenetics repairment, restoring a series of ridden processes in the functionality of the genetic code. The effects are far more complex, the active substances playing a:










-antiangiogenic role.


The effects of this product are due to the synergy between three key elements: Nigella Sativa oil, Propolis and Boswelia carterii (Frankincense) essential oil. Besides the familiar main active substances (timoquinone, boswellic acids and CAPE) EpiGenic-PRO also contains another valuable substances with therapeutic role.

Note! This is not a mixture of the three natural substances, but it is an extract meant to make these substances as much as possible assimilable (specially, the propolis) and therapeutically usable.


For preventive purposes, use no more than 3 ml daily (three small spoons).

For better effects in serious illnesses, it may be used 20-30ml daily or more if necessary, without exceeding 50ml.

The mixture may also be used externally, in the case of multiple skin diseases, such as infectious diseases, psoriasis, etc.


Product Description:

Although the components of this product is used in folk medicine of various peoples for a long time, their mode of action began to be understood only in recent years. They are known for their antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antitumor effects. Substances in this product exerts complex actions, including those of epigenetic regulating. This mechanism of action results in the restoration of the functionality of the mechanisms of synthesis, of important substances in the biochemistry of the organism, which naturally leads to the repair the disrupted physiological processes. This formula based on extracts oil also makes possible an easy assimilation of essential oils and of propolis (not water soluble).


Storage: Store in the original container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach for children under 3 years old. Do not leave open container between uses.


Directions: Use 1-10ml three times a day. Shake the bottle well before use. For easier management, the product can be mixed when using it with a little bit of honey, citrus juices or other fruit, pollen, or a combination thereof to taste better. Combined use of pollen and fruit juice will emulsify the mixture after gentle agitation, so as to make it homogeneous. You can simultaneously use various herbal tinctures that can be mixed with other ingredients.

Contraindications: Use of this product is contraindicated in persons allergic to one of the components. However, people using antihypertensive medications or those suffering from hypotension should consume this product carefully, closely monitoring the aterial tension.

Composition: Nigella Sativa oil, Propolis, Boswellia carterii essential oil.


Manufacturer: SC Aghoras Invent srl, Bucharest,

Tel: +40-214240504, +40-767287306, +40-734394338, +40-754432971,

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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